Notice Your Ceilings
Before Your Customers Do!

Industrial Cleaning Services

Restaurants • Bars • Taverns • Cafeterias • Clubs • American Legions • Elks • Moose Clubs • Private Clubs • Hospitals • Nursing Homes • Hotels and Motels • Hair Salons • Athletic Clubs • Health & Fitness Centers • Universities & Colleges • Convenience Stores • Grocery Stores • Bakeries • Pizza Shops • Bowling Alleys • Off-Track Gaming Facilities • Department Stores • Shopping Malls • Car Dealerships • Office Buildings • Industrial Facilities • Manufacturing Plants

We are a professional cleaning service contractor that focuses on "value” and “quality”. We provide our customers with honest value for facility maintenance services where we specialize on ceiling cleaning, ceiling restoration, wall cleaning and high dusting. Formed in 2004, the success of our approach is evident in our steady growth and quality service. We are licensed and bonded professionals.


Our Solutions

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Detergent based
  • Effective biocides against bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi.
  • Will not alter the fire rating of your ceiling.
  • Meet OSHA PEL Standards 1910.1000.
  • Approved for use in USDA

Our Process

  • Improves the appearance of your ceiling.
  • Extends the life of your ceiling.
  • Sanitizes your ceiling.
  • Improves the light reflective qualities.
  • Costs 50% to 80% less than painting or replacement.
  • Retains the acoustical value or fire rating, unlike painting.
  • Works around your schedule, without disruption to your business.